Remix edition with DJ Cipha Sounds

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DJ Cipha Sounds

Remix! Diana and Murf get so loose on this episode, they end up in a stranger's bedroom. Fortunately that stranger is legendary DJ, Cipha Sounds, and his bedroom is the HOT 97 studio. Join us on the road as we imagine what a 5K breast marathon would look like, debate au pairs vs. mail order brides, and bring back Paco jeans. Plus, Cipha explains his second date philosophy. Snapple caps be poppin' off!

As an added bonus, listen real close and you'll hear our producer, Taylor Moore, snuggling up to Cipha's producer, Juanito, in the booth. We'd like to thank both these gents for making this episode so hot.

You can listen to Cipha Sounds every weekday morning on HOT 97, and follow him on Twitter.