Local blogger quits writing after another obscure indie band releases cover song

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The end of days for one young woman came this afternoon when a blogger, age unknown, stormed off the internet and retreated to a secluded hut in Scandinavia when it was announced that another small-time, relatively unknown band with only two singles had released a cover of a classic song. In a competitive promotional cycle and in advance of their upcoming record/tour/tape release/showcase/sandwich consumed/bowel movement, [insert band] shared cover of [insert song] by [insert better band], much to the harried dismay of one young woman, whose patience was already razor thin.

“I can't take it anymore,” the young blogger yelled as she slammed shut her Acer laptop and ripped its cord from the wall of her decrepit bloghut. “There will be justice yet!”

There has been no word of whether or not she even listened to the cover, but she could be heard cackling maniacally as she arrived at JFK, requesting “One ticket the fuck away from here, please.”

“To where, ma'am?”

“Wherever there is no wifi.”