Aadae – Just Found Out

The South London Artist Curates the Sounds of Diaspora..

It’s an exciting time right now for Nigeria-born artist Aadae. Attendees of The Great Escape Festival might have seen her stunning performance on the Notion stage, where she exposed her immense talent as a live performer who has gained experience all over the world. Her EP ‘Agape’, released last year, started to raise eyebrows and garnered fantastic support from the likes of The Independent, The Fader and The Line Of Best Fit, amongst others. Now, she’s back with her brand new single ‘Just Found Out’, which she says is an incredibly personal release:

“At the time I was working on this song, there was a lot going on in my personal life and it felt like the world was slipping from my hands and I didn’t even see it coming. I needed an outlet to express a situation that weighed heavy on my heart. I wanted this song to be the reminiscent of the pre house/early house era. I wanted to make something that would help me dance away my pain”

Just let this one sweep you away; there’s a beautiful and incredibly infectious Caribbean feel to the track that will most definitely appeal to R&B and soul fanatics. There’s great depth to the melody with many different layers, coming together to create an instantly engaging, very different sound. Aadae’s vocal delivery is perfect too, carrying the emotion and passion behind the song. It’s an interesting juxtaposition of the sadness and pain in the lyrics alongside an incredibly catchy melody that you can’t help dancing along to.

One thing’s for sure – this is another high-quality release that will no doubt continue the momentum built from her previous releases. She’s pinpointed a style that could bring the early-house sound to mainstream audiences; It’s accessible and appealing to fans across a variety of genres. Definitely an artist to keep an eye on.

Available on Spotify HERE