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Derek Evers

Absolutely free ufo

Absolutely Free might be a reference to Frank Zappa's second album, or it might be a reference to the feeling of starting anew. Comprised of four members of Impose alum DD/MM/YYY—essentially the whole crew minus guitarist/singer Tomas Del Balso—some insider knowledge would lead us to believe this is more about a new start than it is a new band. Luckily it all plays out stoically on their first single, “UFO,” which is not a far leap from their predecessor.

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Like the band they sprouted from, Absolutely Free are able to build the sonic tenacity with a steady stream of percussion (there are few bands who can pull off the multiple drummer better than these guys) and layered vocals. It would be unfair to compare them to DD/MM/YYYY, but the absence of vocal melodies that stray from the instrumental melodies is the one aspect of the former that is missed. Luckily, the instrumentation and recording quality keep “UFO” always increasing, always progressing; a fitting homage to the godfather they took their name from.

Absolutely Free, “UFO”

“UFO” will be released on a 12″ on October via Fucked Up guitarist Mike Haliechuk's One Big Silence label.

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