House Paint, “All The Way”

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“All The Way” is the first release from New York's House Paint. House Paint is the electronic side project of Luke Namee from Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk. “All The Way” is an almost 9-minute trip into the mind of the artist, with smooth, shallow synths capable of putting you into sedation.

Namee goes against the common consensus in electronic music that the percussion has to be the loudest part of the song–the drums are a faint whisper in the background for the majority of the track. “All The Way” seems dancey at times and solemn at others, and the vocals consist of an almost moan like tone, repeating “All The Way” over and over.

House Paint released his debut cassette, California, on Hi Shadow Records, and each one includes a package of organic matter selected from California's beaches, forests, and deserts. Stream “All The Way” below, and grab the cassette quickly–it's a limited edition of 50.