AD.UL.T, “Put It In Me”

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Whoa. Noisy, brazen, unfettered. “Put It In Me” is the debut single for AD.UL.T‘s forthcoming album, No, Thank You. Embracing misshapen, jagged reaches of human emotion, this track’s gift to humanity is a inescapable case of anxiety. Channeling an intentionally weird noise rock feel, “Put It In Me” is smart and ruthless at its core.

This jolting, playground of auditory assault is certain to make your Grandma drag you to confession. The artwork for No, Thank You may serve as the most fitting box for “Put It In Me” to live in—but it could never be confined. A meta commentary in itself, shouting that this work was inspired in such a way that keeps me curious.

AD.UL.T can be found here, and their album No, Thank You drops on December 9th.