Al Lover’s “Brian Jonestown Masochist” gets remixed by Anton Newcombe

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Al Lover

Al Lover is no stranger to turning psychedelic rock into hip-hop beats, so it would only make sense that Brian Jonestown Massacre is an underlying theme to his work. On his last full length effort, Cave Ritual, there’s always a very danceable undercurrent, but often the urge to start moving your body is replaced by the sensation that is being overwhelmed by the magnitude of a composition. You usually end up just swaying your shoulders melting into the detailed layers of sound; samples falling into loops swimming in a pool of unique melody. His next release, Cave Ritual Redeux, is a reimagining of his previous effort, sometimes letting other artists step into remix songs in their entirety.

The first of these reimaginings is a remix of the song “Brian Jonestown Masochist”, and though the original sounds like it could fit well on some thing like The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Their Satanic Majesties’ Second Request, Al Lover decided to put the remix of the track into the hands of BMJ’s lead singer Anton Newcombe.

Newcombe’s reinterpretation of the song takes the original melody and puts it on loop, while the rest of the slowed instrumentation gets layered underneath. Along with the release of the new version of “Brian Jonestown Masochist”, comes a new video for the song, featuring five minutes of what looks like the inside of a lava lamp, maybe some microscopic video of a speck of dust or a strand of hair.

Cave Ritual Redeux is due out August 10 on Stolen Body Records. You can stream Anton Newcombe’s remix of “Brian Jonestown Masochist” below.