Al Lover's Infinity Ballrooms Mix

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Al Lover x Height

On October 30 Al Lover and Height of Height With Friends head out on a tour they've dubbed the Infinity Ballrooms Tour. The trek takes the experimental hip hop heads on a loop through the fruited planes, starting in the Midwest, up to the Pacific Northwest, down through California, along the deserts of the Southwest, and finishing in the South.

As a way of kicking off the tour early, Al Lover curated an exclusive mix that combines his psych-rap production and recent Headway Remix project with Height With Friends' throwback rap project Height With Friends Versus Dynamic Sounds. Being that the Infinity Ballrooms Tour will be far from the average rap show, Al Lover set out to craft a beyond average mix that gets sinister and intense around the ending of Height's “Dead Motor”—sinister like hitchhiking in Arizona gone wrong. Read on for the full tour dates or stay connected via the tour's Facebook page. Al Lover's latest casette, Headway Remixes, is out now here.

Infinity Ballrooms Mix Tracklisting:
1. Height With Friends / Al Lover – Trinity Gardens Park Outdoor Jam '80 / Four Remix Drone
2. Al Lover – Black Metal Starter Jacket
3. Height With Friends – Dreams Don't Always Come True
4. Al Lover – If I stay Too Long Remix
5. Height With Friends – Dead Motor
6. Al Lover – Randy, Don't Furbert My Dog With Wet Legs Remix
7. Height With Friends – Triumph Over Sadness
8. Height With Friends – Cold Crush
9. Height With Friends – Travel Rap (Produced by Al Lover)
10. Al Lover – Zig Zag Wanderer Remix
11. Height With Friends – Winterize The Game
12. Al Lover – Sonndag Remix
13. Al Lover – Autumn's Child Remix
14. Al Lover – H-Bomb Remix
15. Height With Friends – Oswego Speedway
16. Al Lover – Vodun Moon
17. Height With Friends – Infinity Ballroom '82 (The Penultimate Rap)