Albert Swarm, “Moths & Moth Catchers”

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Albert Swarm is following up 2011's Held EP with Wake, the album to score your planned European-by-backpack and train expedition this fall. Helsinki's new electro guru Swarm, street name Pietu Arvola, has spent the past year with his finger on the pulse of European groove dynamics, and allows those experiences of rapid and fleeting moments in public spaces exist in bubbles of elapsed time and synthetic sustains of wonder. Keeping time to an evolving kinesthetic beat, Arvola reveals at 3 minutes, 25 seconds that everything has been building toward nearly 2 minutes of clouded bliss pop that reminds every cell in your body that you are alive, breathing, and moving.

Albert Swarm's album Wake is set for release September 4 on 12″ vinyl and digital from Ceremony Recordings.