Alex G, “Harvey”

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alex g

Alex G's first single, “Hollow”, off his upcoming 12″, DSU, demonstrated an old soul's knack for lo-fi songwriting; impressive considering he's still in college. On the album's second single “Harvey,” Giannascoli's vocals sound as if he's learning the lyrics as he sings, fitting for the song's childlike bedtime story structure, albiet with mature implications. Featuring haphazard guitar strumming and a fluttery recorder, he references Harvey, the character in the so-titled film from 1950 about a man and his imaginary giant rabbit friend, the same character that inspired Donnie Darko. His take is light-hearted but also subtly dark. Much like Donnie, the protagonist of “Harvey” has a lot going on beneath the surface.

DSU comes out June 17 via Orchid Tapes, with pre-orders going on now. Stream “Harvey” below.