Appetite all dressed in black

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Long ago, Impose covered a freak-folk Sacramento band called Appetite. So long ago, songs with jokes about hipsters were still kinda rad. Teddy Briggs, the brainchild behind Appetite, has abandoned those goofball musings for maturer high ground. But before we begin lauding his debut on Crossbill (home of Sea of Bees) let's bask in his tropicalia interpretation of Johnny Cash's “Ring of Fire”.

Cash's twangy bounce has been deflated for Brigg's vision, which takes an adjective approach to the title with “Fiery Ring”. Briggs is the former drummer of What's Up?. The better part of his Appetite debut masks his roots as a skins banger, opting to focus on the singer-songwriter aspect, but “Fiery Ring” is a balance of the identities. Not only is Briggs able to reimagine the Cash staple from a songwriter's point of view, but he accompanies it with off-kilter percussion that proves he's still a drummer at heart.

Appetite, “Fiery Ring”