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With a Myspace page that proudly declares “we know who Neon Indian is,” Lefse Records offered a compilation that proves it has zero intentions of riding its breakout artist until the wheels fall off. Even though the label is run from a treehouse in Northern California, it's chock full of future DIY heroes from around the globe.

By now everyone and their little sister knows Neon Indian's “Should Have Taken Acid With You” is a summer burner encompassing one of those most quotidian of regrets.

Neon Indian, “Should Have Taken Acid With You”

We also approve of Julian Lynch, who makes a couple lovely contributions. Is this guy down with Underwater Peoples or what?

We are most intrigued by 22-year old Icelander Þórir Georg Jónsson who goes by My Summer As A Salvation Soldier. Not only is that a tremendously awesome moniker, but it gives us a reason to love Iceland besides its models and Sigur Rós.

My Summer As A Salvation Soldier, “ActivisimV2”

It's also a grand relief that San Diego has a scene outside of Wavves and Crocodiles. This compilation features contributions from Cuckoo Chaos and Tape Deck Mountain. Surprisingly, both songs have no references to the beach or dirt weed — score!

Tape Deck Mountain, “In The Dirt”

Lefse Compilation track list:
01 My Summer As A Salvation Soldier, “activismV2”
02 A Grave With No Name, “Open Water”
03 The Silent League, “Here's a Star” (Neon Indian remix)
04 Emily Neveu, “Swallowing a Swallow”
05 Friend, “What Is It”
06 Calico Horse, “Ivory”
07 The Traditionist, “Three Legged Dog”
08 Giant Ears, “Fake Hotel”
09 Julian Lynch, “Two Babes in the Woods”
10 Julian Lynch, “Onward Flour”
11 Boddicker, “Your Smart”
12 My Summer As A Salvation Soldier, “Monuments”
13 Tape Deck Mountain, “In the Dirt”
14 Neon Indian, “Should Have Taken Acid With You”
15 Cuckoo Chaos, “Slowly Counting Down to Nothing”
16 Phaseone, “Marty & Sonietta”
17 Phaseone, “(Only) Reprise”
18 Sunnybrook, “Willow Whale”

Download: Lefse Records Sampler