Stones Throw, really?

Blake Gillespie

Here at IMPOSE we get music for free, it's one of the perks of blogging for peanuts. Still, some of us are born ruffians who can't resist the urge to troll the interwebs for more free downloads like a sad addiction to grocery store cheese samples.

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As veterans of the illegal download treasure hunt, one arch nemesis exists — Stones Throw Records. Stones Throw has hired the special ops of internet police. It's fucking impressive.

With such an aggressive policing of its catalog, this week's free beat tape from Stones Throw artist Koushik is like a Toyoto-a-thon of no money down(load) offers. Koushik's Beep Tape is available for download this week only here.

Koushik, “Beep 02”

Koushik, “Beep 07”

Dr. No Ethiopium

In the spirit of free samples, Stones Throw also made a song available from Oh No's new beat tape Dr. No's Ethiopium. Comprised of rare 60s and 70s Ethiopian funk, jazz, folk, soul and psychedelic rock, Oh No's new tape crosses yet another country off the Jackson brothers' list of sample source opportunities.

Oh No, “Concentrate/The Funk”

Dr. No's Ethiopium is available digitally at the Stones Throw Store.

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