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Themselves joins the mixtape circuit, bringing Aesop Rock, Slug, Busdriver, Sole and other friends into the mix.

The duo of Dose One and Jel, known to the underground avant garde advanced rap world as Themselves, are back from a six year hiatus, as we previously reported, to rap fast and slit throats that tote fake chains.

As a precursor to the CrownsDown LP due August on Anticon, Dose and Jel have compiled a mixtape of entirely new material with all of their best friends in rap and let Odd Nosdom mix it. The best part, it's available for free download.

The mixtape is available for 90 days, after which it will become an official EP with an extra 16 minutes of content featuring Passage, Alias, and Fog's DJ Andrew. You can pre-order the deluxe edition here.

As far as the LP goes, Dose had this to say,”CrownsDown is our statue – to rap as it reered us – and the arch and arrow, of what it is to be us, in a decade of music made and the temperature of these two thousands.”

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FREEhoudini track listing:
01 Pay That Piper
02 Oversleeping*
03 Know That To Know This (Feat. Aesop Rock)
04 Kick The Ball (Feat. Buck 65)
05 1 For No Money (Feat. Sole)
06 Rappers Is Interns (Freestyle)
07 Party Rap Sucks (Feat. Bus Driver)
08 Long Time Coming (Feat. Lionesque)
09 Swarm of Bee II
10 Back2burn (Feat. Pedestrian)
11 TheMark (Feat. D-Styles)*
12 Keys To Ignition (Feat. Serengeti)
13 Roman Is As Roman Does*
14 The Medicine (Feat. Slug of Atmosphere)
15 Free&Void
16 Rapping4Money (Feat. WHY? / Odd Nosdam / cLOUDDEAD)

*From the forthcoming CrownsDown LP