Argonaut&Wasp – “TVS”

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

NYC indie dance-pop act talks influences and their dreamy, longing new single “TVS”

Argonaut&Wasp have carved out a solid following in the New York DIY/indie scene over the last few years with their shimmering, buoyant brand of dance-pop. The group channels a mix of heart-on-your-sleeve ’80s soundscapes and modern alt-pop through a dreamy sonic swirl that includes propulsive synths, pulsating percussion and funky guitars.

Last week, the band released their latest single “TVS,” a lush, vibrant mid-tempo jam that captures a strong sense of longing for a romantic past. Bending synths and wistful vocoder-like vocals conjure deeply nostalgic vibes.

“TVS is a daydream,” songwriter-producer Theo Klein shared. “It is a song that recounts the feeling of endless summer days. It is a call to a time of romance and yearning. As waves crash endlessly, so does time.”

Impose caught up with Argonaut&Wasp’s Klein and co-frontman Trey Schibli to discuss musical influences, the creative process behind “TVS,” and how they’re involved in giving back to the NYC musical community. You can check out that interview and give “TVS” a spin below:

Let’s talk influences! “TVS” is a fantastic track with a really immediate melody. What artists inspired the production and who inspired some of the melodies and hooks?

We were listening to MGMT, Daft Punk, Prince, and Toro y Moi – MGMT always inspires us with their distinct synth tones. Daft Punk’s driving bass lines make us move. Prince’s vocal delivery and use of harmony is always a reference. Toro y Moi’s future/retro production is always pushing the boundaries of music. In terms of lyrical content, it’s about longing for a time in your life when things were better than ever and being lost in love. The song is supposed to embody that feeling in a reminiscent and nostalgic way.

It’s kind of hard not to have some social causes as a band in the modern age, do you feel that any of those come through in your music? What are you influenced by culturally outside of music?

The best way for us as a band to give back to the community is through our craft. We have worked with schools to expose students to playing instruments and writing music. It is so important to create and express yourself at a young age. It is amazing to see how creative and enthusiastic the students are when they are able to have access to musical instruments.

What are your thoughts on the current state of the music industry and how has it changed since you’ve started? What’s your advice to young artists on how to navigate the modern era?

When we started Argonaut&Wasp the internet community was focused on Hypem and Soundcloud. It is similar now, the hype has just migrated to Spotify. The idea of songs and artists gaining buzz through the internet is still the wild west. There are little rules and the barrier to entry is low. Catalogs can be manipulated and removed to influence the way an artist is viewed. Be creative and think about how you want your music to be heard. Not everyone is going to like your music – find those that do and make them your friends.

Any big plans for 2020?

We are putting out an album. More soon!