Stream Ave Negra's Sensaciones Juveniles cassette

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ave negra

Costa Rica's own Ave Negra are making waves with surfy, vintage-flecked garage jams, and even if you don't speak their native Spanish, you'll find yourself singing right along to their catchy hooks and poppy three-chorders. They're grungy and fast-paced and leave no moments for extra breathing room, if you'd even want it. Just imagine yourself relaxing on the sandy shores, taking in a sunset punk show, followed by a dip in the salty waters—all of this happening in less than two minutes. The four tracks fly by under the smooth smailing of hi-pitched guitar snarl and garbly vocal tones, just like any surf-punk band should.

Their limited edition bright pink cassette, Sensaciones Juveniles, will release under UK's Number4Door on June 29, and you can preorder a copy of that here. But stream the whole thing below because you can.