Azizi Gibson & Jeremiah Jae, Ignorant Prayers

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Ignorant Prayers mixtape

Some records are too good to be free (the homie, Jonwayne agrees). Jeremiah Jae is dropping Raw Money Raps in late July, but in the interim, he's behind the boards and linked up with rapper Azizi Gibson for a concept mixtape on people wasting their talks with God asking for dumb shit.

It seems the most money-driven rappers in the busines are the same ones that invoke the Lord's name, which is often cast as “the duality of the gangster” or some free-pass bullshit that is just spin to deter us from the obvious. These rappers engage in idol worship. These men of God want the power and the glory, the riches and spoils, with little concern of the Commandments tattooed on their arm. Jeremiah Jae and Azizi Gibson see through the bullshit on Ignorant Prayers.

The mixtape distorts the tropes of trap rap into tableaus for Azizi Gibson to air out his grievances. Ignorant Prayers is written in spite and the intention to smite phony rappers claiming alliance to the high power.

Jeremiah Jae, “Yammaha”

Download Ignorant Prayers here via Brainfeeder.

[Ed's Note: Our deepest apologies for the confusion upon our initial publishing of this article. Given the limited information regarding the record, we misjudged the rapper and producer involvement on Ignorant Prayers. We now understand this to be a Azizi Gibson record with Jeremiah Jae production. Changes have been made to reflect that. The dopeness of the album remains consistent.]