Baja Blatz will be over before you finish reading this

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Baja Blatz is the perfect name for this band. No idea which came first, the band or the name, but it’s perfect.  The initial instinct is to explain the joke, but nah, you’re smart, and if you’re not down it will only take, like, five seconds of Googling to figure it out.

Baja Blatz is a four piece punk band out of Boston, Massachusetts whose existence is a limited time offer. Their final show is on August 9 and it’s a goddamn shame because this band is a lot of fun.

Their self-titled tape is nine songs in under ten minutes. Each one is straight ahead punk and is mostly scene satire or cathartic screaming about social issues (and at times the two can find themselves blended together). Stand out tracks are “Fuck Street Harassment”, “Joe Sly“, “Tonight, Tonight” (which has a great Dead Milkman style spoken word segment).

It’s fun, it’s funny, it’s serious, and it’s only available now for a limited time. We reached out to get a bit more information. Check out Baja Blazt’s nine-song self-titled cassette while you can, and read our conversation below the embed.

Was the band always going to be a limited time thing?

Yes, it was always a “summer fun project band” because various members are moving out of Boston this month so we knew we had a life span of about six months

Will you be keeping the music online after the last show?

Sure, I’m sure the Bandcamp page will stay up. There might be a 7″ pressing of the demo, but that’s all being worked out now.

Are there other bands you’re involved in people should check out?

Various members are in lots of other bands. Pale Gloom, Peeple Watchin’, Phantom Rides, Los Condenados. Probably each of us will be in at least a dozen more bands, but they are not all planned out at the moment.

Do you have a least favorite candy?

Chris (drums): I love lollies.

Emily (bass): I hate lollies but I love Skittles.

Sadie (guitar): I love nerds on a rope.

Jen (vocals): I will eat anything with sugar or corn syrup in it.