BBXO – 'Hard Road to Travel'

A Favourite of Kate Tempest & Ed Sheeran..

BBXO is the innovative, creatively rich, collaborative project of Krisz Kreuzer & Musa Okwonga. Krisz had recently been a founding member of crossover Urban Blues outfit Brixtonboogie, when he met London-born poet Musa Okwonga in Berlin.
Musa’s work as a poet and socio-political journalist has led to some famous fans. South London artist Kate Tempest describes his work as “Precise and all-encompassing in the same line. His poetry is intimate and erudite, passionate and beautiful.” World superstar and all-round nice guy Ed Sheeran has this to say about his work – “I’ve known Musa for many years and I’ve always found him a very honest, very poignant wordsmith. He writes from the heart with no filter, and that’s what the best lyricists do. I’m a fan.”
It’s an impressive set of references for the new project. The duo describe their sound as Urban-Blues, with a strong spoken-word element. The culmination of the project is the new EP, set for release this Spring. The first single is the deliciously multi-faceted ‘Hard Road to Travel’, a pulsating debut single that showcases each members backgrounds and expertise in production and lyrical prowess. Creative sampling and a fearless approach to fusing styles, provide the foundation for Musa’s distinctive spoken-word vocal.
Check this one out below and on Spotify here