Bear Fight, “Harlem”

Elizabeth Schneider

Bear Fight, the quartet from Coachella, CA, Michael Ramirez (vocals, guitar), Evan Boydstun (guitar), Matt Sutton (bass),  and Ryan Cenicola (drums), are ready to release their new song, “Harlem”.  As a follow up to the recent single “She”, Bear Fight has created a completely different vibe and musical sensibility.  With a nostalgic sound and lyrics that ache to be sung, the alt rock band proves their sophomore effort is as good as their first single.

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Bear Fight had quite a bit to say about the track itself.

Written in the makeshift studio of someone’s living room at the same time as “She”, Harlem was originally an idea played on the Fender Rhodes, just meant to be vocals and keys the whole time. After bringing it to the table with the band, we challenged the direction of the song and ended up with the final track. The song is inspired by feelings of the origin of Harlem the city and the struggle by those in the city. It also deals with the struggle musicians have when faced with expressing themselves fully. We wanted the track to reach back into the past a little, calling upon familiar sounding tones and vintage guitars that encompass the classic nature and history of the title city.

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