Beat Detectives, “Illusion of a Band”

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Beat Detectives

Beat Detectives showed up last year with Casual Encounters of the Third Kind, their debut cassette that came via Moon Glyph. With one band member in New York and two in Minneapolis, we assume a lot of the magic might happen through Gmail, but hey, whatever works. Bathed in synthed-out funk goodness, the tape featured intelligent sampling choices, equal parts ethereal and grimey. Their latest track, “Illusion of a Band,” is taken from their upcoming ASSCOP release on 1080p Collection (which recently appeared on Soundcloud). This time, still grounded in bassy funk beats, their sound smoothes out a bit and vocalist Oakley Tapola's nonchalant-sexy vocals come in at just the right level in the mix. Hard to distinguish between glitch and complicated layering, the Detectives are still gunning to make us feel, groove, and think.

ASSCOP is set for an early May release. Stream the single here.