Big Bliss, "Fortune"

Post Author: JP Basileo

Dreamy tunes will often reflect states of unconscious and unreality through the use of effects and delay. Add a quickened and steadfast tempo, along with urgent, yet earnest guitar, and the result is the kind of restless sleep of Brooklyn trio’s Big Bliss, in their single, “Fortune.” Following last year’s debut Keep Near EP on Exit Stencil Records, the song is a continuation of an anxiety-ridden, yet irrefutably captivating inquest into the gleaming side of post-punk. An opening chord gives nod to the unthinkable echo to come, and last through the song’s entirety—it’s laid on so thick (probably like this description), it becomes difficult to discern the end of one riff, and the beginning of another. A beautiful confusion. And so incites a riot of incensed rhythms, driven primarily by drummer Cory Race’s unwavering pace, while the liquid bass, and the interweaving, otherworldly harmonies of Tim Race and Wallace May act as coolants to a mind on fire. It’s like the body shutting down from physical exhaustion while the mind still claws to stay active with one final thought, or desire, or regret from the day(s). A beefed up twang creates a tension you didn’t know you could feel, or is it the misgiving repetition of “I’ve already run out of fortune” towards the song’s end?

Upcoming Big Bliss shows!
5/24 – Sunnyvale w/ Dead Stars, Fat Heaven, Colatura
6/1 – Our Wicked Lady – Thursdays for the Cause w/ Journalism, Semaphore
6/3 – Mercury Lounge – WFDU Benefit w/ Honey Radar, Antietam
6/4 – Color Me Bushwick 2017
6/8 – The Glove w/ Ex-Mothers, Cash Bundles
6/9 – Terra Firma – Northside Festival – Ears to Feed/Impose showcase w/ Wildhoney, Pop. 1280, Yvette, Grooms, Monograms, Russian Baths
6/10 – Pet Rescue – Northside Festival unofficial
6/24 – Footlight w/ Haybaby, Talkers