Soliterre, "Never Enough"

Post Author: Kat Harding

Vancouver isn’t often the first city one thinks of when thinking of pop music centers, but maybe it should be. If Soliterre is any indication, it needs to be on the radar. The 24-year-old producer and musician is releasing “Never Enough” from his debut album Double Life, coming out when the weather is even warmer. The R&B-influenced track features a soft trumpet and vintage brass sounds lulling us into a trance. With upbeat, gentle beats masking darker lyrics, it’s the perfect calm before the summer storm track.
“Bitter and defeated, a man takes stock of a botched romance in attempts to salvage whatever passion might remain, realizing no matter how many reasons he gives to his muse, his love will never be enough,” Soliterre says of the inspiration for the song. One listen of the track isn’t enough, and you’ll have it on repeat all summer.

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