Bikini with a little Pistol Disco

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The homies over at Lefse always bless the inbox with a potpourri of delicious sounds, but this week I could not resist championing their taste. I also could not resist adding one more gratuitous image on our homepage.

First up is the tropical dub version of Gang Of Four's “Anthrax” as imagined by Pistol Disco. All I know about this trio is that its a trio and they are from Sweden, so chances are they are a blond trio. The Pistol Disco song is called “Pool” and to my limited knowledge is not a GoF cover or re-imagining, but who could resist the comparison after 10 seconds of hearing that bass line and drum march. The separation is in the tropical digi-washes that rain down the speakers. Pistol Disco intentionally remix artists as well, like this dub interpretation of The Radio Dept.'s “Never Follow Suit”.

Pistol Disco, “Pool”

Here at Impose we choose our words carefully, like when Jared Davis called Teengirl Fantasy's “Cheaters” the “dance hit of the summer/fall”. Not only was it the hit we all sought, but Bikini strolled through the door to take over the late fall/holiday season, just when we'd grown weary of constantly spinning “Cheaters”. Bikini debuted it's own retro-fitted modern craze starter “American Mourning” this week to what I imagine is resounding praise for lyrical prowess in the dance genre. Are Bushwick kids a week deep in quoting the “move from Brooklyn to Manhattan” line?

Bikini might not have the lung capacity to play the same underwater gay clubs as Teengirl Fantasy, but it's giving the True Panther group competition in the dance anthem department. Bikini also dropped “A Cheerlaeder” off its, RIPJDS EP, which is available digitally on iTunes and physically on November 23. It's good see this song get its just due, again.

Bikini, “American Mourning”

Bikini, “A Cheerlaeder”