Birds & Batteries, “I Want You (DOOMbird Remix)”

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San Francisco's Birds & Batteries get reworked in this premiere of Sacramento's DOOMbird remix of “I Want You”. The electro strut of the original is found off their Stray Light album brimming with dance and desire that finds good company with the group often seen experimenting in the chamber pop arts from Santa Cruz through Sactown.

Things begin with a vocal loop and an electric piano on the harp setting of angel hair strums as DOOMbird gives you at least 3 different electrified musical shapes of Mike Sempert's expressive chorus. “I never knew that I was lonely until I found you because you came along and showed me that there is more to life than struggle and strife, I used to think I was the only one until I found you and that's when I knew that I want you, I could be anything I wanted and I want you, yes I want you.”

Intertwining the track's vocals carefully into the club night bass, the focus lens shifts from the pre-existing stem samples toward the towering bliss inferno that commences at the 1:07 mark. It is this alchemy of creative briliance that adds an entire new potency when Sempert begs the offstage lover in the refrain “don't go away” that presents heavy production facets showing the depth and dimension of the perfect pop sound found from Sacramento through the Bay.

Birds & Batteries' new album Stray Light is out now on Eightmaps.