Bishop Nehru, “Want You”

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Bishop Nehru

In a game where many upcoming young rappers are exploring melody in lieu of intricate lyricism, 19-year-old Nanuet, New York Producer/MC Bishop Nehru provides a necessary balance for hip-hop traditionalists. If the burgeoning purveyors of trap rap are symbolized by a pirate ship rambunctiously ranging new waters, Bishop is firmly on the deck of USS BARS, forging a tried-and-true path to hip-hop acclaim.

Nehru can already boast a project with MF DOOM, and production from DJ Premier and Madlib on his resume. He also opened for Wu-Tang Clan on their 20th anniversary European tour. A flagship artist of Mass Appeal records, Nehru’s upcoming debut album will be executive produced by Nas. It’s as if the demigods of hip-hop’s golden era are collectively grooming Nehru to be a future lyrical titan.

On Nehru’s latest track, ”Want You”, he rhymes over a sample of current lyrical luminary Kendrick Lamar‘s “For Sale? (Interlude)”. Producer Abnormal loops a haunting “want you” plea from the To Pimp a Butterfly segue, then adds a vibrant, blippy synthesizer to give the boom bap track a modern flourish.

For his part, Nehru showcases his ability with cascading internal rhymes, waxing on his lyrical supremacy, needing a “hon’ with a rump,” and telling the listener to “ask the OGs, I OD when over the snare.” They agree.

You can stream “Want You” Below.