Lust For Youth, “Display”

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Lust For Youth

On a dance floor, there is often a point in the night in which a certain vulnerability takes over, causing either an outpour of emotions via movement—the dance emanating from within, or a sad, subdued swell of self-consciousness, caving in on itself. Copenhagen electronic subverts Lust for Youth have a knack for encapsulating both, especially on their new single, “Display”, off their upcoming Compassion LP. A slowed-down downer, the song features Soho Rezanejad (who previously appeared on the track “Armida” from band’s 2014 album, International) on vocals, producing reverb-laden harmonies, exposing the beautifully tragic construction of a lie. Grumbling bass scrapes the pit of your stomach as weightless keys and the encompassing vocals breathe the song’s blissful pain. The mantra, “There’s no such thing as truth anyway,” rings in your ears as you get lost in the crowd, lonelier than ever.

Compassion will be released March 18 on Sacred Bones. You can stream “Display” below.