Black Hippy give out new joint

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Black Hippy

As the Black Hippy crew steadily release solo mixtapes, we take comfort in crew tracks like “Shadow Of Death” off Jay Rock's Black Friday and “Rolling Stone” from Schoolboy Q's Setbacks to assure us a group record is not far away. Ab-Soul's solo record LongTerm: Mentality continues the trend with “Constipation”.

Flexing a sleek Axelrod sample, “Constipation” further cultivates a crewed up and primed for live hype aesthetic present in three out of the four Black Hippy cuts released thus far. As Paid Dues approaches, Black Hippy could debut a highly discussed set. Honestly, you can't call yourself “hip hop” if you are unwilling to chant “Fuck bitches, fuck hoes” or respond properly to the “toke, toke, toke” breakdown in “Rolling Stone,”so why bother leaving the house?

Ab-Soul's Longterm: Mentality is out April 5.

Black Hippy, “Constipation”