Blissed Out's Silent Barn recording, Secrets

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Blissed out secrets

Blissed Out recently pressed a recording stitched together from G. Lucas Crane's byzantine tangle of mics wired throughout Silent Barn. This is definitely the first time the crazy experiment has been translated into vinyl.

Crane's mics are all over the house, which means that this live recording includes bursts of shouting people, errant toilet flushes, next-door merengue, passing sirens, sequencers, clattering pans and cymbals and halos of feedback. You just need to listen carefully to hear it all.

Enjoy two glitchy, joyous tracks off the album, Secrets, released on the upstart Tropical Fantasy label to the tune of 350 pressed.

Blissed Out, “Jain”

Blissed Out, “Intercalation”