Blockhead digs up old Aesop Rock

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blockhead and aesop

Blockhead has a new blog, sorta. He's got a stellar business plan to build his readership: dig up unreleased Aesop Rock demos from the early 00's and let the Noughties kids have their first taste of nostalgia.

The first new entry on Blockhead's Phat Friend blog is a gift to kick off the new year. The song “Jinx Planet” was made between Aesop's Float and Labor Days – the definitive years of his career. I feel old today knowing there was once a 15 year old geeking out over Aesop Rock music, but today he's 25 and goddamnit Float was the shit. Labor Days didn't age well – “Daylight” annoys the everloving shit out of me – but the Float lyrics “everyone around me is busy drowning/ I float” still resonate.

It's easy to understand why “Jinx Planet” didn't make the cut for either record. This demo would fit nicely on Appleseed or Music For Earthworms, but would have bogged down a dense and artsy Aesop record in the early 00's.

I suggest bookmarking Blockhead's blog. Not only is he a hilarious read, but there's talk of further demos being released from the vaults. Also, get excited because Aesop and Blockhead have been working on music again.

Aesop Rock, “Jinx Planet”