Blood Sister, “Dysphoria”

NM Mashurov

Being alive in the daily dystopia of the modern world can make you feel some type of way. You get the creeping sense that everything is bad and sad and wrong and then you log onto Twitter and confirm that everyone you know feels that way as well, and then you just sort of shrug about it. The new EP from San Francisco-based Blood Sister (a new project by former Night Manager guitarist Ezana Edwards) captures this feeling well. It’s called “Dysphoria”, which means “a state of disease or general dissatisfaction with life”. Edwards clarifies the lyrical intentions of the A-side (also called “Dysphoria”) in the following exchange with Matt of Grabbing Clouds Records:

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blood sister exchange

The song itself is fuzzed out sardonic shoegazy rock – horror movie keyboards and ominous drums, plus the hooky songwriting we grew to expect from Night Manager.

“Dysphoria” comes out today on Grabbing Clouds Records and Tapes. Stream the track below or check out the full 7″ on Bandcamp. Another 7″ is due in February, along with an east coast tour. The record release is in San Francisco on February 7 at Vacation, with Tiaras.

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