BONE, For Want of Feeling

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Melbourne’s BONE provides enough doom and gloom for days (or weeks or years).  Their painfully overlooked 2013 album For Want of Feeling is a slow burning, apocalyptic power-sludge epic, the sort of dismal post-punk record that could soundtrack a blast-your-headphones-stomp-around-the-street-and-glare-at-people-in-a-fury-of-hatred kind of day. BONE find themselves sonically somewhere between the realms of Nick Cave and Naomi Punk, where they shove dismally beautiful lyrics into hypnotically repetitive metal guitar riffs.

Over a cyclical backbone, the tension of For Want builds and builds. It is an endlessly depressing but, for those who are patient enough, ultimately rewarding 40-minute listen. The sprawling, 7-minute “Bucket” is a nice warm up to the band’s unapologetic sound. If the sun is shining, or you’re having a great day, you might want to hold off