Breeze Embalm ft. Final Outlaw, "F–ked Up S–t"

Post Author: Andre G

In a game like hip-hop, where an artist’s talk of retirement is disregarded as a needy ploy from a guy having a bad day, we rarely get true intentional finality. That’s what Bronx MC Breeze Embalm offered with “Fucked up Shit,” his last song under his current moniker. The track’s dark, ominous synths make it sound like a culmination, as Breeze rhymes about the perils of our society and how badly they’ve jaded him.
Breeze carries similar sentiment from his penultimate track “Grab Em By The Pussy” on “Fucked up Shit,” which acts as a de facto remix. Over sharp 808s, Breeze rhymes about “the country doin’ dances on a tightrope” and expounds on the segments of society sustaining such a strenuous atmosphere.
Final Outlaw, who Breeze noted as his ideal final feature under his current name, lets his feelings be known from the start of his blistering verse. “Quit fear-mongering about Bilderberg lil boy, I don’t pay that shit attention,” he rhymes, before delving into a narrative about a young girl continuously objectified and abused by society.
Given the success of Kemba, the last prominent Bronx MC to change their name, the reinvention may bode well for the artist formerly known as Breeze Embalm. You can listen to “Fucked Up Shit”below.