Nadia Kazmi, "Gold Into Dust"

Post Author: Sophie Kemp

“Gold Into Dust,” the latest single from the Calgary based songwriter Nadia Kazmi, is a melancholic and captivating folk rock track that poses the kinds of uncomfortable existential questions we’re all too afraid to say out loud.
The track is just under four minutes long and in that short time Kazmi wonders at what point we stop dreaming. Her messages are simple ones: when does gold become dust? Do you still see the world as an idealist? When and why did we all have to become so jaded? As she poses these questions, Kazmi builds a wall of twinkling and reverberant guitar.
Kazmi creates an interesting mix of moody wall of sound and timeless, Leonard Cohen inspired songwriting. ‘Gold Into Dust’ is four minutes of lovely music readymade for rainy Sundays and long drives. The song structured with brilliant bridge you won’t be able to get out of your head.

“Gold Into Dust” is out now. Her new album of the same name will come out May 5th. Keep up with Nadia here.