Brenmar, “Raid”

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Fool’s Gold Records is nearing its 10th birthday. Founded by renowned DJs A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs, the boutique hip hop and electronic label was established in Brooklyn in 2007 with a storefront that debuted in Williamsburg in 2011. With a roster that equally pushes the boundaries of hip hop and electronic, while establishing significant overlap, Fool’s Gold is celebrating its expansion with the Night Shift compilation. Among the roster is Brenmar, a former Chicagoan who’s ability to absorb chic stylistic moods into hyperactive dance tracks has made him a flagship artist with the label.

Following up the “She Already Know It” single, Brenmar contributes “Raid” to the forthcoming Night Shift. It’s a loud pack of pinging vocal stabs over machine gunfire trap snares that globalizes the tropes beyond their regional origins. Hybrid electronica has become Brenmar’s forte and “Raid” is yet another flex of his natural skill. It’s the remix mentality blended with an unlimited digital cache of inter-connectivity.

Preorder Fool’s Gold Presents: Night Shift on iTunes, out April 1.