Brooke Annibale, “Like The Dream Of It (Remix)”

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like the dream of it

From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Brooke Annibale was raised around a plethora of musical influences, so it’s no surprise that she would fall in love with music and pursue it as well. Make no mistake, it is her immense talent that has gotten her this far. She released her latest album, The Simple Fear, last October and now, she’s releasing a batch of remixes from the album. We have the first one, “Like The Dream Of It”, for you to listen to exclusively, here.

This track was remixed by Jeremy McDonald. He’s worked with big name artists such as Kevin Garrett and Beyonce in the past. “Like The Dream Of It” has a dreamy, relaxing vibe. A strong beat drives the piece. Annibale’s voice is stunning and has a hollow quality to it, yet still full of emotion as she effortlessly sings. They say that the original is always the best but I’d say that this remix is definitely pretty comparable, and will leave you listening to it on repeat.

A note from Brooke about the track:
I’ve been really into darker electronic soul sounds lately but those don’t always find their way into my songs, since I’m primarily an acoustic guitarist. I wanted to do this remix project to see what some of my folky-acoustic songs would sound like if we stripped them of their acoustics and reimagined them a bit. It’s always really interesting to hear my vocals over something other than guitar. It makes the songs feel brand new.

Jeremy was one of my first collaborators, but this is the first time we’ve worked together in a few years. We’ve known each other since we were really young. When I started playing music in high school he had already been at it for years. He offered to play bass with me and even played several instruments on some of my earliest recordings. He went to Berklee in Boston and has since moved to Brooklyn and has been working on some really cool stuff.

Tour Dates
Jul 29 – Schenley Plaza (Pittsburgh)
Aug 5 – Scouth Park Amphitheater (South Park)
Aug 6 – Flood City Music Festival (Johnstown)
Aug 18 – Pittsburgh Winery (Pittsburgh)
Sep 15 – The Great Hall (Toronto)
Sep 16 – Ravines Winery (Geneva)
Sep 24 – Thrival Festival (Pittsburgh)