Bum Fashion, “Patience Makes”

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bum fashion

A big winter storm is brewing on the East Coast, and as we all throw on that extra layer and prepare to batten down the hatches, the only thing we may actually need is the new Bum Fashion single, “Patience Makes”. As cozy and softly-padded as a down comforter, “Patience Makes” is brilliantly crafted, sweetened songwriting. The Philadelphia two-piece shared the new single at the end of last month, and with its Yo La Tengo and bedroom pop influences, it's a certain winter longplayer that rings like a lullaby wrapped in existential questioning. The highlight ends up being a loosely ran guitar solo that careens over the keyboard melody, as it shows some mettle among the moss.

You can stream “Patience Makes” below, then look for the debut Bum Fashion EP sometime this year.