Sky to Speak, Ruin EP

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sky to speak

We spent 2013 enamored of our farflung brothers at labels like LOM and Totally Wired, and as the new year begins, our breadth reaches ever further. Sky to Speak, a Czech duo whose EP Ruin is out now on Exitab, manages to blend subtle elements of experimental ambiance, while bringing in the occasional techno beat, and if you've been looking for a change in pace, Ruin is the antidote. Never afraid of lush swaths of flanged melodies and the occasionally unpredictable soundscape, it's unsurprising that Sky to Speak are a duo of audiovisualist—in even just listening to the full EP, psychedelic visuals begin to cloud behind the eyelids. It's gorgeous and challenging and easy to settle into.

You can stream Ruin below, or head to Exitab for a copy of the limited edition cassette, which is out now.