Call Me Karizma – Life of The Party

The Minneapolis Songwriter Shares a Daring New Single
23 year old Call Me Karizma is far from your every day rapper. Connecting with fans has led to a die-hard, mass fanbase around the world. He’s an artist that goes against the grain to promote mental health and self-love.

Speaking from a wealth of experience, the young artist was unfortunate enough to grow up with an alcoholic mother. Leading to a life of sobriety and smoke-free determination.

His message is an inspiration to his fans and contemporaries, but let’s not forget why we’re here. His efforts are definitely turning heads and catching ears, with SoundCloud naming him an ‘Artist To Watch’, and his first EP of the year The Gloomy Tapes; Vol 1 achieving over 1.3 million streams to date. His music has also garnered over 13 million streams on Spotify, all without the aid of a single Spotify curated playlist.

Ahead of his next full release, Karizma has shared the new single Life of the Party. A track full of metaphors and symbolism, it’s an anthem of empowerment to his undeniably loyal fanbase.

“I wrote Life of the Party for the kids who feel alone. To let them know it is okay to stay inside and be by yourself. This song is a sad anthem for the delinquents.”