Calypso, “Isn’t Now”

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Consisting of Samantha Richman, Sheets Tucker, and Jackson Scott (whose first album, Melbourne, came out on Fat Possum in 2013), Calypso formed deep within the Appalachian Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. Every so often, an artist emerges whose sound is truly indefinable and you find yourself trying to place it into a definitive genre until, one moment later, realizing that it no longer fits there. Calypso is a fuzzy, psychedelic punk rock outfit that is no stranger to this in-between-ness. Despite this innate mystery, “Isn’t Now”, Calypso’s preview track for their debut EP, is playful, accessible, and head-bob inducing.

Calypso will release Oracle on limited edition blue cassette on January 27 via French label Atelier Ciseaux (Dirty Beaches, GIRLS, Best Coast). You can stream “Isn’t Now” below.