Caribou Remixes drink from stream

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Caribou Remixed

There's a SoundCloud that makes rain, the rain trickles down from the mountains into streams. Caribou come to the streams to drink and hydrate. It's the circle of remix album life.

Henry Gruel was all “dude, what gives” when “Odessa” first hit the interwebs, even after Dan Snaith tried to explain his honest motives for sounding so “funky” and “dance-y.” Those daring production decisions earned him a Best New Music stamp, which is the rite of passage for, you guessed it, a REMIX ALBUM!!!!

Now we get to hear what Nite Jewel, Junior Boys, Fuck Buttons, DJ Koze and super-hyping Gold Panda think of Swim's cutting-edge sound. No purchase necessary, just eat the apples that fall from the SoundCloud here (confusing, right? is it rain or apples in the SoundCloud? It's both!).

Caribou Remixed is out now on Merge.