Celestial Shore, “Valerie”

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The Brooklyn-based math trio, Celestial Shore, release the first single off their debut full-length album 10x. “Valerie” kicks in with falsetto vocals laid out over a gaiting rhythm and soft guitars. The song slowly winds itself up for a final chaotic digression, slipping into the occasional dischordant harmony and quirky aside along the way. Celestial Shore has matured with this latest recording, employing a more developed song structure and a cleaned up sound. Although they've refused to kick their mathy habits entirely, the frenzied spazzouts have begun to feel more like absent-minded asides than the driving backbone of the song.

Celestial Shore already has a collection of EP's and a cassette on Prison Art under their belt. 10x was mixed by Deerhoof drummer Greg Saunier and features vocals by Empress Of's Lorely Rodriguez. The album is set to be released on April 23 on Brad Oberhofer's new label, Local Singles. Check out the first cut off the album below.