Dream Panther, Beyonce's Child

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Dream Panther

Before you run for shelter we should clarify that, no, Dream Panther is NOT a supergroup formed between members of Dream Theater and Steel Panther kicking off a Las Vegas residency. Consider yourself safe for now from such a disaster that could singlehandedly send the world into a rapid spiral of apocalyptic inanity. Instead, Dream Panther is the L.A. dream pop duo of multi-instrumentalist Greg Sheran and Nick Kosearas. On their debut EP Beyonce's Child, self-described as a “trillwave retrospective”, the two channel their 90's diva nostalgia with the sensibilities and mood of chillwave filtered through atmospheric electronic rhythms with plenty of soul. While inspirations are a subjective, “to each their own” kind of game, the debut recalls Four Tet and the Field more than Baby Blue Ivy's bootylicious mom.

You can stream or cop a digital of Beyonce's Child over at Dream Panther's bandcamp or pick up it up on cassette through Dome of Doom or Chill Mega Chill. Sleep with one eye open until those Glam Metal supergroup rumors that we've now started can be entirely dispelled.