Chile Explore Electro Pop With a European Feel

Chile Explore Electro-Pop with a European Feel

Chilè are an Electro-Pop band from all corners of Europe, settled in London to make stunning, enchanting and cutting edge music.

Recently endorsed by Aston Microphones and longlisted for two Unsigned Music Awards this year, the 3-piece act have been building considerable hype. Perfect timing to drop some new music. Wasting Time is a potent mix of retro and contemporary styles. The production expertly uses vocal chops and a solid groove to create a distinctive piece. We’re excited to bring you the exclusive stream, here’s what the band had to say

“We love creating a mix of pure sadness and upbeat rhythm. So in ‘Wasting Time’ when you dig a little deeper, you can find out that this is an old love story but without the happy ending. A story with no good options. Getting stuck in a dead-end, toxic relationship, giving up and fighting at the same time. Fighting like an animal with this little spark of hope.”