Chile's MKRNI coming in for a landing

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MKRNI may have been a bit tongue and cheek when they labeled their track “Diamanda” on their Soundcloud page as “Afrohouse”, (“spacesynth” seems a bit closer to the mark), but I couldn't help thinking of Fela Kuti sneaking in vocals halfway through a ten minute song when they pulled a similar trick.

These tracks have been floating for about a month but right about now is when east coasters should prepare for a ten day invasion by the chill as fuck vibe managers from Santiago, Chile.

MKRNI, “Diamanda”
MKRNI, “Humedad”

Get some of them in June:
13 Brooklyn, NY The Cove, New Humans Party
15 Brooklyn, NY Union Pool
16 Baltimore, MD Str8 Cavin
17 Philadelphia, PA Bon Vivants
18 Brooklyn, NY Northside Festival, Vibes Management Showcase
19 Brooklyn, NY MOVES Brooklyn, MKRNI Sunday Sundae Sunday Party!
22 New York, NY Cake Shop
24 Brooklyn, NY Cameo Gallery, GYMNASIUM Party
25 Brooklyn, NY Cinders Gallery
26 New York, NY JF & Sons