Post Author: Anna Selle

Chris Davidson has taken many forms as a musician. Eight years ago you could have found him behind a drum set, articulating unusual time signatures or in class with masters of contemporary jazz. But today, it is more likely that you would find him at the front of the stage with a keyboard and guitar, accompanied by two other synth virtuosos. Together, the trio are an emerging chillwave group called CHNNLL.
We had the pleasure of giving a listen CHNNLL’s debut track, W A V E S. Now, we’re sharing it with you for the first time. As it’s moniker might suggest, W A V E S ebbs and flows in intensity as it marches toward a gentle resolution. Building percussion tracks accompany warm guitars, the low buzz of underlying synth tones, and Davidson’s melancholic lyrics. At times soothing, and at other time dissonant, this song is the first what will hopefully be many enchanting releases by CHNNLL.

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