Clearing's edit of Melanie Safka

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Melanie Safka.

I stumbled upon Clearing via his other moniker, Party Trash. I had approached Joe Volmer to do an edit of my song “Sweet Blood” for the second volume of the Hexes remix project. I was a fan of the vibe he was emitting as Party Trash, and he suggested I check out his other project, Clearing. I obliged, though after a couple weeks of procrastinating, like I tend to do. Upon hitting up his Myspace, I immediately clicked on his edit of Melanie's “Some Say (I Got Devil)” that was in the player…

I found it very interesting to see another player in the weirdo-drone-game with an affinity for the folk-pop songstress Melanie Safka — I had used her magical classic “Brand New Key” as the intro to my Actual Pain mixtape, Let's Meet At Midnight. Anyway, so his edit of this gem, “Some Say I” — It was fucking absolutely perfect! He'd slowed it down, warped it, made it even more raw, more warm in a way, and yet slightly possessed, hammered out, and sinister. It was epic as shit. His originals, grabbed me as well. Perfect, blissful tape-worn drones floating over beds of soft, fuzzy sounds.

You can download all his work as Clearing on his myspace for free. What's not to love?

Melanie Safka, “Some Say (I Got Devil)” [Clearing Edit]