Clipd Beaks, “All Ways Closer”

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Clipd Beaks

Oakland's Clipd Beaks have burrowed deep into a decade's worth of dark psychedelia. Their records date back to our magazine's shift from print to web and span labels like Lovepump United, Slanty Shanty, Deleted Art, and Nail In The Coffin. This month Clipd Beaks join the ever-indelible Moon Glyph with Lost Offerings, a cassette EP.

Side B opener “All Ways Closer” is born of dust and desolation. Hope is all but abandoned as Clip Beaks announce “you will die and I will die”. Initially the slow approach of death seems like it will take forever, but Clipd Beaks magnify into a whirlwind more intense than any illicit substance could give a body. Their intensifying sound is the loud finish of life's curtain call. “All Ways Closer” imagines death not as a rattle, but a thousand rattles set against crashing percussion and T.S. Eliot was wrong about a whisper.

Clipd Beaks Lost Offerings CS is out now on Moon Glyph.