Cobi Mike, “Darker Than Dawn”

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Cobi Mike

Former Gentlemen Hall frontman Cobi Mike’s output has been relatively sporadic since going solo in 2014. He’s dropped just three tracks in that time, “First Snow” and “Walking Through Fire”, released in April of 2015, and the recently offered “Darker Than Dawn”, which sounds like he has a year’s worth of emotion to unfetter with every line sung.

Over soothing choir melodies and a lush, reassuring synth, Cobi delivers a redemptive mea culpa, noting he “identified my devil,” and subsequently has his “wings to the sky on the run from trouble.”

The powerful chorus showcases his wrenching, zealous vocals doing battle with a cavernous wall of synth and reverb, paralleling the internal war he speaks of throughout the track. As he resounds, “don’t you cry for me,” he sounds in the midst of a cross sea of shame, acceptance, and triumph. Hopefully it won’t be another year of solitude and contemplation before Cobi hits us with new music.

“Darker Than Dawn” can be streamed below.