Cole James Cash ft. Eff Yoo, LEX, and Skyzoo, “NYC Subway Fights (Final Fight)”

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James Cole Cash NYC Fights

For the better part of three years, Oakland producer Cole James Cash has been creating imaginative concept albums that tend to inspire listens based on the descriptions alone. BBW: A Pornographic Opera was a hedonistic tale of the exploits of plus-sized porn actresses. Saigon exclusively sampled Vietnamese music, telling a sonic narrative of the country’s history.

Cash’s latest work, Street Champion, is characteristically ambitious. The mysterious producer—who’s only been photographed with a mask—reached out to a who’s who of the tri-state area underground scene to craft a project inspired by the Street Fighter video game.

The second single from the project is “NYC Subway Fights (Final Fight)”, based on the subway level of the ubiquitous fighting game. Queens rappers Eff Yoo, LEX, and Brooklyn stalwart Skyzoo find themselves in a three-way duel over Cash’s churning beat. Eff Yoo arguably wins this round, but all three got off some dazzling lyrical combos.

Street Champion is available for free download on April 18. Stream “NYC Subway Fights (Final Fight)” below.